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Public Art, Commissions, and Press

2021-22 Kansas City Parade of Hearts
Kansas City In Harmony by Sheron Smith

More than 100 local artists will showcase their love for our region in a big way, and you can follow their hearts! Each of the 5-foot by 5-foot hearts is a unique design, with the artist’s inspiration and story behind it. Some hearts are whimsical, some are celebratory, some are thought-provoking…and all are simply beautiful. You’ll be captivated as you encounter these works of art during your normal daily travels. Download the app and plan your very own heart-stopping tour!


I am an admirer of the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts structural design by Moshe Safdie. It is a work of art that adds so much interest and beauty to the Kansas City skyline. My heart, “Kansas City in Harmony” captures the Kauffman’s extraordinary design. I included representative elements of the Kansas City Symphony which performs or accompanies many vibrant and diverse performances at the Kauffman Center for Performing Arts.

The Kauffman plays a central role in Kansas City’s culture. It is a source of pride for many Kansas Citians. With Covid precautions in place the Kauffman continues to provide relief to Kansas Citians through access to the performing arts.

                                                                                            Sheron Smith - Artist


Installation In DOWNTOWN Kansas City

Local artist Sheron Smith’s artwork “Together We Rise!” is now installed on the ARTwall, the 36 foot by 70 foot exhibition space on the south side of the Town Pavilion Garage in Downtown Kansas City!

Together We Rise! is inspired by all of the diverse people who are coming together around issues such as racial justice, climate control, equality for women, gay rights, gun control, and health. It is so beautiful to see people of every race, ethnicity, religion, gender, and age rallying together in support of these critical issues. The people remain resilient as they face many obstacles during the process of advancing their goals.

Together We Rise! captures the energy, passion, and emotion of these times. The background is alive with the energy of vivid swirling colors. Within the background, crowds of people are marching, and brandishing signs. The edges of the painting are dark and torn, and the strips running top to bottom also look dark and torn. This represents the dark elements that are threatening to tear our country apart. Our society is being attacked and torn apart by racism, injustice, conspiracy theories, violence, and climate destruction, as well as the threat of authoritarianism.

The foreground of Together We Rise! shows diverse people marching together. The people in the painting are a reflection of society. They represent age diversity, gender diversity, physical diversity, religious diversity, and racial diversity. The people in the foreground are holding hands because they stand in support of each other, united against the forces that threaten our society and the world.


ARTwall, a super-size, billboard structure for displaying art located on the northeast corner of 13th & Grand. The ARTwall was installed by Outfront Media.


Sheron Smith is a multi-talented artist who does not limit herself to one subject or discipline. Varying subjects, cityscapes, abstracts, and sculpture are all part of her portfolio. Sheron is an educator, and self-taught, lifelong creator of art.


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